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The winter fun brought by Industrial Frigo Ice has now arrived in Stockholm!

The Ice Toboga ice slide is one of the attractions that has enriched Gröna Lund, the most famous and oldest amusement park in Sweden. Located on an island east of Stockholm, the park welcomes almost 1.7 million visitors each year.

For Gröna Lund, Industrial Frigo Ice has created an ice slide that regulars know as Ice Toboga, one of the most requested attractions by our customers. It is a 40-meter slide with a variable slope designed to simulate a sledding descent. Composed of 6 lanes where adults and children can slide at full speed inside a rubber boat, the ice surface of the Ice Toboga slide is smooth and polished to ensure optimal smoothness. The design of the ice slide designed by Industrial Frigo Ice was thought to offer an exciting and authentic but safe experience. To access the six-lane ice slide, visitors climb a ladder and then slide down the lanes using a rubber boat specially designed to adhere to the icy surface.

The fun on the Ice Toboga has been further enhanced by the effect of lights and sounds, which have helped to create a magical and engaging atmosphere. During the Christmas holidays, adults and children had a great time challenging each other in speed races on board the rubber boats sliding on Ice Toboga!

If you want to enrich your amusement park or transform a winter event into an unforgettable experience for the whole family, Ice Toboga is the perfect winter attraction! Industrial Frigo Ice offers a wide range of slides and snow and ice attractions for all needs! Check out the attractions page and choose the slide or winter attraction that will make your winter event unique!

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