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Chiller and refrigeration systems for ice rinks

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Chillers for recreational and professional ice rinks

Ice rinks require efficient, state-of-the-art refrigeration equipment to ensure high standards. Industrial Frigo Ice has developed a unique line of chillers suitable for both recreational and professional ice rinks.

The chiller units are equipped with dual gas circuits, capable of running at half power or less depending on the size of the chiller, with a timer that can turn the compressors off at night and turn them on automatically during the day. In addition, the chillers have a galvanized frame to allow outdoor installation, low-noise axial fans, centrifugal pump, storage tank, semi-hermetic or scroll compressors, and plate evaporators.

Finally, the chillers have an IP 55 level of insulation of the control panel, which is equipped with a microprocessor. Refrigeration equipment can optionally be equipped with a remote control panel (optional) and remote management via the Internet or smartphone (optional).

Temperature and performance: how to choose the best chiller for your ice rink

Our team specializes in the design and processes required to set up recreational and professional ice rinks. To ensure maximum performance and yield, Industrial Frigo Ice offers several solutions for permanent or temporary ice rinks that vary depending on the ambient temperature of the location where the rink is to be installed.

Where the ambient temperature is less than 32°C / 33°C, a condition we call standard, an air chiller is recommended. If an ice rink is to be set up in a very hot environment, i.e., with temperatures between 34°C and 45°C, an air chiller can be used here as well, however, the situation must be carefully analyzed so as to avoid any problems during operation. Alternatively, the best solution is a water chiller integrated with an extra cooling system (air chiller or cooling tower). Using a water chiller it is possible to install the refrigeration equipment close to the track and indoors.

Entirely different finally is the situation for which the ambient temperature is above 46°C, in which case the chiller must be water-cooled by a system such as an air chiller or cooling tower. In these cases where the temperature is extreme, the chiller is installed in an engine room and the cooling system is outside.

GR series GX series GP series
Standard Condition
T < 32/33°C
Heavy Condition
32/33°C < T < 45/46°C
Extreme Condition
T > 45/46°C
Air Chiller Air or water chiller + extra cooling system or cooling tower Water chiller + extra cooling system or cooling tower

Sustainable technologies and environmentally friendly gases for environmentally conscious ice rinks

Industrial Frigo Ice promotes the use of sustainable resources and dedicates much energy to the development of new products that have a limited environmental impact. In addition, the company pays constant attention to research and development, a fundamental activity for a company that wants to be competitive and keep up with new technologies.

For this reason, we have designed a new line of environmentally sustainable chillers loaded with green refrigerant gases with low Global Warming Potential (GWP).This indicator compares various gases, measuring their heating effect per unit mass during a specific time interval of 20, 100 or 500 years.

Refrigerant units for ice rinks are loaded with different green gases depending on the output and thus the outdoor temperature in which the ice rink is to be installed.

Below are the eco sustainable refrigerants and their GWP value.

Refrigerant gas GWP
R407C 1.774
R449A 1.397
R290  3

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Buying an ice skating rink is a solution that, given a greater initial investment than renting, then leads to a greater gain given by the use of the rink itself. In addition, by purchasing the ice rink, it is possible to fully customize it according to each customer's request and needs. Based on the business project and with the help of our experts, it is possible to decide on the most suitable solution.

Upon request, Industrial Frigo Ice makes available the storage service of the purchased ice skating rinks and equipment at our warehouses. The service includes assembly, disassembly and transportation.

  • Cuts rental costs
  • Annual revenue
  • Usable every year
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Renting an ice rink is easier than generally thought and is the perfect solution for temporary events such as Christmas markets or fairs. Industrial Frigo Ice offers complete "turnkey ice rink" packages, which include intervention and assistance at all stages of installation and maintenance of the structures. Alternatively, packages tailored to each individual request can be composed.

Once your event is over, our staff will take care of the dismantling of the ice rink and its transportation to our warehouses. The best solution for annual events or unique events to which you want to give a unique touch!

  • Secure cost planning
  • More affordable budget
  • No storage costs

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Up to 40% energy savings

Green technologies | Industrial Frigo Ice | Ice & Snow Rides Manufacturer

Ice skating rinks require efficient, state-of-the-art refrigeration equipment to ensure high standards. We have developed a unique line of chillers suitable for both recreational and professional ice rinks.

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