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Ice skating rinks for sale

Speed skating ice rinks and short track for sale

Speed skating on a long or short track has achieved tremendous popularity in recent years and is a spectacular sport that attracts many spectators. 

Industrial Frigo Ice specializes in making and installing speed skating rinks and short track competition rinks. Although they are very similar disciplines, ice rinks differ. Short track rinks measure 111.12 meters, while speed skating rinks are 400 meters long, the same size as an Olympic athletic track.

An extraordinary and adrenaline-pumping sport, two to eight competitors compete on the track in a race where speeds of up to 60 km/h are reached. What makes the sport so spectacular is the challenge of maintaining high speeds while skating on a track with tight turns.

Our team of designers and experts will provide the best solution for any type of sports event related to speed skating or short track. Our solutions are complete with all elements, such as rinkside padding and protective systems. Turnkey supply includes: transportation, rink deck assembly, cooler machines, balustrade and technical assistance.


  • Tailor-made rink
  • Quick installation
  • Complete turnkey solution

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Storage of purchased ice rinks and equipment at our warehouses is available upon request. The service includes assembly, disassembly and transportation and is ideal for seasonal events. Industrial Frigo Ice has extensive covered, multi-story racking areas dedicated to storage for ice rinks and accessories. With this service, you no longer have to think about shipping and transporting your ice rink.

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Service and Maintenance

Each ice rink is equipped with the equipment for routine maintenance. In addition, you can obtain service for extraordinary maintenance by our qualified technicians upon request. Our employees will be available 24/7 for any kind of intervention in case of malfunction or machine problems. Service and extraordinary maintenance services are free of charge for the duration of the track warranty.

Other solutions

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Discover our second hand ice skating rinks, used for a few weeks but with the same features as new rinks. Guaranteed savings without sacrificing quality and safety.

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Enrich your ice rink with our accessories! From technical materials such as insulation for ice maintenance, to ice toys such as mini cars and bumpers!

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Energy-saving refrigeration systems and chillers for professional and recreational ice rinks. Green refrigeration units for sale or rent.

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