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Snowvolution is the innovative energy-saving modular snow machine system designed and manufactured by Industrial Frigo Ice. The modularity of this system allows a single machine or groups of machines to produce real snow, a function that takes place fully automatically and with the opportunity to manage the entire system remotely.

Snowvolution enables snow distribution on a constant or scheduled interval according to needs. Thanks to high-tech components, the machines feature a low environmental impact while maintaining a high standard of efficiency and low energy consumption. In addition, Industrial Frigo Ice's Snowvolution is characterized by a compact design, precise and extensive snow flow and, above all, exceptional snow flake quality.

This machine is ideal for recreating fairytale winter landscapes such as the Snow Playground, the children's most beloved attraction! Snow playground is a safe space covered with a soft blanket of snow where kids have fun building snowmen, castles or making snowballs. This attraction is particularly suitable for enhancing shopping malls or making seasonal events such as Christmas markets or surprising guests at private parties.

Snowvolution can also be used to make indoor and outdoor ski run and create short ski circuits! Ski Slope is our ski run suitable for both outdoor and indoor use and is made with high-quality snow from our machines. Experienced and inexperienced skiers can get confident, practice or try jumps on a top-quality snow surface. Super Slope, on the other hand, is the outdoor snow track for professional winter sports events made with snow from Snowvolution. The world's best freeskiers have competed in breathtaking stunts and jumps on Industrial Frigo Ice's Super Slopes, and athletes have been able to enjoy the quality of real snow and not the simple crushed ice that often compromises top-level performance.

The ease and speed of installation make Snowvolution one of the most reliable technologies to enrich public and commercial areas or winter sports events anywhere in the world, as our snow can withstand temperatures well above 0°C.

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Snow powder machine SBW

The Snovolution SBW series offers snow machines of different sizes that are ideal for snowing surfaces of different sizes: from small play areas of a few square meters to very large areas such as indoor and outdoor ski slopes. Installation is very quick and easy as it requires only power and water supply and is capable of operating both indoors and outdoors. Snowvolution is available as a stand-alone unit or as a modular system. The snow powder produced by Snowvolution prevents skiers from the problems caused by low-quality artificial snow. In addition, thanks to the latest technology, Snowvolution's snow can withstand even positive temperatures.


Snowfall System S8

This snowfall system, ideal for recreating snow playgrounds, ensures that the blanket of snow covers all targeted areas thanks to the automatic movement of the snow gun, which moves from side to side, distributing the snow uniformly. The snowfall can be permanent or temporary.
Overview benefits:
- Wider area of snow spread
- Broad resistance of snow to melting
- Uniform spread of snow


Snowvolution models Snow production [m³/24h] S8 Snowfall System Dimension
SBW 60 6 1 2.870 x 1.250 x 2.000h
SBW 60/2 13 1 3.730 x 1.250 x 2.000h
SBW 120 12 1 3.000 x 1.600 x 1.900h
SBW 200 20 1 3.000 x 2.140 x 4.400h
SBW 400 40 1 3.000 x 2.140 x 4.400h
SBW 800 80 1 up to 2 6.000 x 2.140 x 4.400h
SBW 1200 120 2 up to 3 9.000 x 2.140 x 4.400h
SBW 1600 160 2 up to 4 11.500 x 2.140 x 4.400h

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Buying an ice skating rink is a solution that, given a greater initial investment than renting, then leads to a greater gain given by the use of the rink itself. In addition, by purchasing the ice rink, it is possible to fully customize it according to each customer's request and needs. Based on the business project and with the help of our experts, it is possible to decide on the most suitable solution.

Upon request, Industrial Frigo Ice makes available the storage service of the purchased ice skating rinks and equipment at our warehouses. The service includes assembly, disassembly and transportation.

  • Cuts rental costs
  • Annual revenue
  • Usable every year
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Renting an ice rink is easier than generally thought and is the perfect solution for temporary events such as Christmas markets or fairs. Industrial Frigo Ice offers complete "turnkey ice rink" packages, which include intervention and assistance at all stages of installation and maintenance of the structures. Alternatively, packages tailored to each individual request can be composed.

Once your event is over, our staff will take care of the dismantling of the ice rink and its transportation to our warehouses. The best solution for annual events or unique events to which you want to give a unique touch!

  • Secure cost planning
  • More affordable budget
  • No storage costs

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Up to 40% energy savings

Green technologies | Industrial Frigo Ice | Ice & Snow Rides Manufacturer

Ice skating rinks require efficient, state-of-the-art refrigeration equipment to ensure high standards. We have developed a unique line of chillers suitable for both recreational and professional ice rinks.

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Other solutions

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Discover our second hand ice skating rinks, used for a few weeks but with the same features as new rinks. Guaranteed savings without sacrificing quality and safety.

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Enrich your ice rink with our accessories! From technical materials such as insulation for ice maintenance, to ice toys such as mini cars and bumpers!

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Energy-saving refrigeration systems and chillers for professional and recreational ice rinks. Green refrigeration units for sale or rent.

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