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Ice skating rinks for sale

Permanent and professional ice skating rinks for sale

Permanent ice rinks are the most suitable product for ice arenas, whether for competitive or amateur use. Industrial Frigo Ice is the most reliable partner for the organization of sports events on snow and ice. We manufacture complete ice hockey rinks, figure ice rinks, curling rinks, and speed skating and short track rinks. Because our products are easy and quick to assemble and install, we can make winter sports facilities anywhere in the world. 

Professional ice sports require optimal ice quality to allow athletes to perform safely. Industrial Frigo Ice has designed state-of-the-art ice rink refrigeration units suitable for ice hockey, curling, figure skating and short track competitions. 

Together with ISP - Ice and Snow Park, we are involved in the construction of ice rinks and ice arena. Thanks to the synergy between the two companies, crystallized into a joint venture, we take care of all aspects that make up ice arenas, from the ice rink to spectator seating to the athletes' locker rooms and marketing plan.

We not only deliver complete facilities dedicated to winter sports to our clients, but also provide professional and management training. Together with ISP we follow step by step the realization of the entire facility, from the design of the electrical systems and HVAC system to the thematization and decoration of the spaces.

Thanks to the renders created by our engineers, it will be possible to preview the project and modify some aspects of it to meet the client's needs. All our renders will be created following your ideas and the images of your project will be specially created in an extremely realistic way and with attention to every detail.

Relying on our professionalism you will be assisted in all phases of the project, in fact our experts will take care of all the most technical and organizational aspects, taking care of every detail. Thanks to the reliability that has always distinguished the company, Industrial Frigo Ice has become the point of reference for the construction of ice sports facilities in the world, becoming the official supplier of fixed and mobile professional rinks for the Universiade in Granada, for the Sports Hall in Tashkent (Kazakhstan), for Opera on Ice, for the curling Grand Prix and many other ice sports events. 

For all our solutions we offer Consulting, Assembly and Service

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Storage of purchased ice rinks and equipment at our warehouses is available upon request. The service includes assembly, disassembly and transportation and is ideal for seasonal events. Industrial Frigo Ice has extensive covered, multi-story racking areas dedicated to storage for ice rinks and accessories. With this service, you no longer have to think about shipping and transporting your ice rink.

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Service and Maintenance

Each ice rink is equipped with the equipment for routine maintenance. In addition, you can obtain service for extraordinary maintenance by our qualified technicians upon request. Our employees will be available 24/7 for any kind of intervention in case of malfunction or machine problems. Service and extraordinary maintenance services are free of charge for the duration of the track warranty.

Other solutions

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Discover our second hand ice skating rinks, used for a few weeks but with the same features as new rinks. Guaranteed savings without sacrificing quality and safety.

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Enrich your ice rink with our accessories! From technical materials such as insulation for ice maintenance, to ice toys such as mini cars and bumpers!

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Energy-saving refrigeration systems and chillers for professional and recreational ice rinks. Green refrigeration units for sale or rent.

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