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Frequently asked questions about our rinks

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What are the Best spaces for portable Ice Rinks?


Typically, portable and even permanent ice rinks are placed on level surfaces.

Outdoor ice rinks can be placed concrete slabs, parking lots, tennis courts, streets, pavement, and even the beach!. Indoor ice rinks are perfect for event halls, retail spaces, and warehouses.We will determine how to quickly transform your space into a level area for your rink.

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What temperature can an outdoor ice rink operate In?


We manufacture our ice rink refrigeration systems highly efficiently, and our units are designed to handle extreme temperatures. Our ice rinks can operate at temperatures as low as 26° C, while our indoor rink systems operate smoothly at higher temperatures.

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What are the energy costs?


The energy costs of operating an ice rink will depend upon the type and size of the space. Another factor will be the run time of the event and the ambient temperatures.

A rough estimate of energy consumption 1– 2 kWh per square meter per day.


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What ice rink accessories come with an ice rink?


Our Ice Rink packages come with ice skates, ice resurfacing equipment, skate cabinets, and skate tutors.

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What is the average size of an ice skating rink?


There really is no average size ice rink. It all depends on the vision of our customers and the desired flow through of skaters. The typical size of an ice rink is 4,000 sq m, but we can create rinks of any size, from a custom garden ice rink to an official NHL ice rink of 61x26 m or IIHF 60x30 m.

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How many people can skate on an ice rink at once?


The number of skaters that can skate on an ice rink at the same time will vary depending upon the size of the rink.

In general, ice skaters need from 6t to 7 m per person, for a 400 sq meters ice rink, that would be 150 skaters at once.

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What does my event space need to operate an ice rink?


The ice rink needs to be on a level site. We can easily install a platform where required. We also need electric power and water supply.

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How much Staff is needed to operate an ice rink?


Staffing depends on the scale of the event. You will at least need staff for ticketing, handing out skates, ice supervision, and ice maintenance.

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Any other questions related to ice rinks, attractions, or accessories?


For any additional information or questions regarding our solutions or specific products, please contact us, our staff will get back to you as soon as possible.

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