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A new headquarters and a new identity for our company

Industrial Frigo Ice will become an independent company from September. Founded as a division of Industrial Frigo, a company specialising in industrial refrigeration, Industrial Frigo Ice has built its own identity over the years, becoming a national and international reference point in the ice rink refrigeration sector. 

While the in-house division initially dealt exclusively with temporary installations and the setting up of rinks for Christmas events in city centres, today Industrial Frigo Ice is a solid reality, with several 'titanic' projects around the world. The latest is the collaboration with ISP - Ice and Snow Park in the creation of an ice and snow theme park in Uzbekistan.  An innovative playground concept with an extension of one hectare, a true masterpiece of ice technology. 

In addition to building huge Ice City, Industrial Frigo Ice also specialised in the construction of permanent sports facilities, equipped with professional ice rinks for any winter sport: figure skating, ice hockey, curling, speed skating and short track. Industrial Frigo Ice was able to show the world its expertise with the Granada Universiade in 2015, when the company, together with the American FA - Entertainment & Event, built all the ice rinks for the competing sports disciplines. 

The accumulated experience and Industrial Frigo Ice's entry into the US and South American markets, together with the opening of a more extensive headquarters, has led the company to become an independent entity from the parent company, while keeping the entire capital in the hands of the Penocchio family, which shares its values and objectives. 

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Snow and ice attractions back in Dubai!

In March, Industrial Frigo Ice will exhibit at DEAL, the trade show held annually in the capital of the Emirates that brings together all suppliers of entertainment equipment and technology, as well as representatives from playhouses, amusement parks, and other companies in the industry.

/ 02   News - 26/01/2023

The winter fun brought by Industrial Frigo Ice has now arrived in Stockholm!

The Ice Toboga ice slide was the star of Gröna Lund, the most picturesque amusement park in Sweden! During the Christmas holidays, adults and children had a great time competing in speed races on the inflatable boats sliding on our ice slide!

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Announced a new partnership with SnowMagic

Industrial Frigo Ice and SnowMagic, which specialize in snow & ice attractions and theme parks, have formed a partnership that will offer spectacular winter experiences

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