4 March 2019

The inauguration ceremony of the Ice City in Tashkent, Uzbekistan was held on 1 February in the presence of Rasulov Ulugbek, CEO of Anis Premium, Industrial Frigo Ice GM Roberto Penocchio, the Mayor of the city and the Italian Ambassador in Uzbekistan Andrea Bertozzi.

The city is a huge ice and snow entertainment complex, up to 16,000 sq. m. with a variety of attractions such as ice slides, ski slopes, snow playground and much more. But the real heart of Ice City is the ice rink on the frozen lake, which is striking in its size., in fact, the total surface area of the ice cap is about 5.000 square metres.

To get an idea of what has been created, suffice it to say that 289 km of piping and 1.330 metres of ductwork have been used to supply and exchange air.

Italian reporter Francesca Zani witnessed the event and wrote a full-page article on the "Giornale di Brescia" and interviewed the main protagonists of the day.


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