Our outdoor mobile rinks are ideal for enhancing public open air spaces, recalling the participation of people.

Be they squares, festivals or flea markets, our solutions are suitable for enriching any environment.

Integrated solutions

We design and manufacture all of our products, including the chillers for refrigeration.

This way, not only are we able to deliver customized products, we also implement technologies for energy management that reduce costs and environmental impact.

In every season

With our maintenance of the cold and energy saving technologies, we are able to offer products that can be used in different contexts, in different seasons and also in warmer climates.

For all of our solutions we offer Consulting, Installation and Support services.

For further information, please contact us and ask for a free quote.

Our rinks are built with LDPE (low density polyethylene), a material that combines flexibility and resistance.

The ice rinks and all the other products designed and manufactured by Industrial Frigo Ice are in accordance with the regulation DIRECTIVE97 PED / 23 / EC Module A1.