The quality of ‘Made in Italy’ and the most advanced technologies driving the creation of all our products.

All of our products are tailor made, and are available for sale. In particular, we offer solutions for:

  • Fixed ice rinks (ice stadiums)
  • Mobile ice rinks (both outdoor and indoor)
  • Ice and snow playgrounds
  • accessories and equipment

For all of our solutions we provide Consulting, Installation and Support services.

Our solutions

The conditions for the sale and the features of the solutions offered can be studied and agreed upon with the customers, depending on their needs. Our package for the sale of a rink, usually, provides the following components:

  1. Chiller, tailor sized
  2. Cooling serpentine (white, to better camouflage into the ice)
  3. Insulation
  4. Board system
  5. Skates (with steel cabinets which can contain up to 75 pairs)
  6. Tutor, to help children with standing and balancing

Upon request, we can also provide accessories (from third party suppliers) such as: Reception-information structure, platforms, benches, audio systems.

Other services

Storage: the storage service for the purchased rinks and equipment is available at our warehouses. The service includes assembly, disassembly and transport. It’s ideal for those who buy the rink for seasonal use.

Maintenance: Each rink is sent with equipment for routine maintenance. On request, you can get an intervention for extraordinary maintenance.

h24 intervention: our team can intervene 24/7. The service is free during the warranty period.

Return on investment

Amateur use

An ice rink or a snow playground, are ideal for enhancing areas of public interest, attracting a considerable number of people. If they are placed in commercial contexts, at first, they return an indirect benefit by increasing the number of potential customers. Furthermore, as a direct benefit, the purchase of a rink is a solution that, despite a higher initial investment, leads to higher profits as compared with the rental.

Professional use

The greatest benefit in relying on Industrial Frigo Ice for professional use is the ability to have a single reliable reference which can handle different requests and provide all the materials with tailor-made designs and fabrications.

Our rinks are built with LDPE (low density polyethylene), a material that combines flexibility and resistance.

The ice rinks and all the other products designed and manufactured by Industrial Frigo Ice are in accord to regulation DIRECTIVE97 PED / 23 / EC Module A1.