‘Made in Italy’ and innovation. The best products available for rental.

For all of our solutions we provide Consulting, Installation and Support services.

Our products

  • Fixed ice rinks (ice stadiums)
  • Mobile ice rinks (both outdoor and indoor)
  • Ice and snow playgrounds
  • Accessories and equipment
Renting an ice rink is easier than you might think and is a perfect solution ftor enhancinge public and commercial areas for both adults and children.

Our solutions

Our rental solutions include a wide range of products and ice and snow; They are flexible and customizable solutions for adapting to the needs and demands of different customers.

We can offer a complete “all inclusive-package” which provides for the intervention and assistance in all phases of the installation and maintenance of facilities. Alternatively, you can choose custom designed packages tailored to suit each individual request.


Our package for the rental of a rink, usually, provides the following components:

  1. Chiller, tailor sized
  2. Cooling serpentine (white, to better camouflage into the ice)
  3. Insulation
  4. Board system
  5. Skates (with steel cabinets which can contains up to 75 pairs)
  6. Tutor, to help children with standing and balancing

Upon request, we can also provide accessories (from third party suppliers) such as: Reception-information structure, platforms, benches and audio systems.