Our story begins at the end of the sixties, when Camillo Penocchio founded Industrial Frigo Srl, which started production in 1970 in Calcinato, Brescia.

The company, which produces solutions for industrial refrigeration and thermoregulation, quickly expanded its area of interest towards ice rinks also.

Industrial Frigo Ice was born.

By the early 2000s, the business was active internationally, with distribution networks in countries such as Poland, Russia, Spain, France, Portugal, and Switzerland. Thanks to our constant commitment to innovation and technological improvement, we started developing projects and partnerships even in the Middle East, Asia, and the Americas (both North and South).

And today, thanks to our passion for what we do and our aim to always give the best to our customers, we operate in more than 40 countries, offering increasingly efficient and environmentally sustainable solutions.


made in Italy

Quality and reliability

Ice rinks (both fixed or mobile), snow playgrounds, slides, ice walls, and many other products have always been the only things we have focused on. The will to always offer the best in this area is what drives our development.

In decades of experience in the field of refrigeration and ice rinks, we have always distinguished ourselves by high efficiency, reliability, good design, advanced technology and environmental friendliness.

Our story has been written with true passion for our products and our innovations, with the ability to grow at a technological level, to continue to be in constant harmony with the markets and our customers. We provide products both for sale and for rent, both for indoor and outdoor plants which can be used even in hot climates.

Thanks to the latest technology and the Made in Italy quality of our products, they are not only are easy to install, but also reliable and durable.

Green Technology

Environmentally friendly

Our company has always had special consideration for responsible environmental policies.

The need to preserve the delicate balance of nature, focus on environmental protection, and promote the use of sustainable resources has become part of an increasingly important challenge.

In order to achieve a harmonious coexistence between the environmental respect and the logic of the markets, Industrial Frigo Ice has started a number of projects for improvement in various areas. These include the production process, security in the workplace, energy recovery, and technological innovation .

For years, Industrial Frigo Ice has directed its technological and human resources towards creating products that optimize the use of energy.

The results of these efforts include the latest generation of coolers for ice rinks, which can save great amounts of energy.

We have made important progress in building and equipping manufacturing plants characterized by reduced environmental impact in terms of both emissions and waste, as well as by the optimization of energy consumption.

Since 2010 our ice rinks have been produced using the electric power generated by our high-efficiency solar panels. We can save over 150 tonnes of CO2 per year.

The company has also carried out research on the packaging to be used in the transportation of our products, in order to avoid wastage of packaging materials and, where possible, using reusable and recyclable materials.