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What size should be an ice rink?

This depends on your needs and the number of skaters you want to host. We are able to produce all sizes. The average size of an ice rink is 14×30 mt.

How much space do we need in total?

This depends on the size of the ice rink. The average space required for the technical equipment (chiller unit, material for ice cleaning) is approximately 35 m2. You also need a space (little house) for storing skates. Add a space for bar and restaurant, if you plan to offer food or drink near the ice rink.

How many people can skate in the same time?

In general we calculate 3-4 m2 ice per person, which means that 105 to 140 people can skate at the same time on a ice skating rink of 420 m2.

How many staff do we need to operate in an ice rink?

This depends on the position and the lineup of the event.
People attending the ice rink during the week is not the same number as during the weekends.
You will need a person for tickets and for distributing skates plus one for the supervision and maintenance of the ice.

How much does an ice rink cost?

The prices depend on the size of the rink and the days of the event. Other factors are: the coverage or other infrastructure (platforms, houses, etc.), energy consumption varies depending on weather conditions. The overall budget of an event (this is the budget for the whole event, not just for the ice rink) is about € 50,000 for a couple of weeks and can go up to one million Euros for big events.

What are the energy costs?

The energy costs of an ice rink depends on the type and size of the rink, the period of the event and the ambient temperatures. Thanks to the aspects of energy saving of our system, energy costs will be up to 40% less than other systems.

What is the maximum temperature that an ice rink can operate in?

Ice can be made and maintained for up to 30°C outside. We can guarantee the ice up to 40 ° C, if the rink is protected from wind and sun.

Which accessories are included with a standard ice rink?

Cabinets with skates, basic equipment for ice cleaning, balustrades protection, chiller units, tutors for children. We can also provide houses for skates, helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, protective cuffs and other accessories.

What are the technical requirements for installing an ice rink?

The ice rink generally must be placed in the center of cities or countries with a level floor and nearby access of electricity and water.

How much power do we need?

It depends on different factors: dimension, type, place (indoor or outdoor), ambient temperature.

How profitable is an ice rink?

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Italian professional ice makers – Industrial Frigo Ice – has been on site for months, building and maintaining the ice surfaces and venues. Equipment shipped from Italy, refrigeration units, ice resurfacing machines and skate equipment, have suddenly turned Granada into a three-arena town.