Galvanized steel external structure.

Tongue and groove system.


  • We design and manufacture boards for all types of rinks.
  • Our polyethylene board systems are approximately 50mm thick, made of galvanized steel and are quickly and safely snap mounted.
  • The handrail and lower base are made using an impact absorbing material. This system is most suitable for figure skating and impact sports on the ice such as ice hockey.


Description Weight (Kg) Depth (mm) Length (mm) Weight
Polyethylene board system 31,5 40 2000,00 1000,00
Polyethylene board system 18 40 1000,00 1000,00
Polyethylene access door - man 37 40 2000,00 1000,00
Polyethylene access door - ice smooth 51 40 4000,00 1000,00